Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visual Development, Illustration, & Sculpture.

Alright, here goes a crazy catch-up of all the stuff I haven't posted in a long time. Above is a 3-point perspective painting I finished for one of my classes a little while back.

Just did these two digital paintings a couple days ago for a Tally Hall music video collaboration. The song titled "&," needed numerous images and interpretations of ampersands to be flashing by. Top one is a little Tim Burton inspired. (Going to go see the LACMA exhibit here in LA soon, very excited!). I'll be sure to add a link when I get to see the finished video. Tally Hall's Facebook page, "&" Song on Youtube.

"Barnacles, would you join me for a cup of tea?"

Bone fanart, done for celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bone in the comic-con 2011 souvenir book. Bone and all characters are copyright of Jeff Smith.

More sculptures:



 More character designs....

And a few more older illustrations...

Well I think that caught up almost everything. My posts won't usually be this long (I promise)

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