Friday, June 27, 2014

Feeling Moody

A digital painting off a life drawing sketch from a couple weeks ago. Looking at it now, I feel like the pose is begging to go through The Hawkeye Initiative. So if anyone out there feels the urge, you have my blessing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Bull and the Moon

"The Bull and the Moon"

by Jessica Christine Maria and Dax Schaffer
(Written through a series of inebriated text messages
And semi-inspired by the song "El Toro y la Luna")

The bull fell in love with the moon
And hard for the beautiful moon it did swoon
Swinging on the verge of eternity & insanity
He eventually could no longer suffer the moon's vanity

Thus the mirrors of the kingdom were sought after and broken
Of the bull based moon union, it was no longer spoken
And the frogs were all croakin'
While the wind chimes were strokin'

In a windfall of ultimate chaos and laughter
The lone humans took it upon them to right this disaster
But he wrought his pain about her in alabaster
A solution to this chaos they might together master
"If you'd stop talking so much, I'd probably finish faster,"
She said right then there to that scurvy bastard
The scurvy bastard thought he could probably outlast her
But outlast her he did not, and the older they grew
The marriage did also grow nastier and nastier

More often than not, he hid in the crapper
A solitude from love, they were no longer a factor
In the eyes of the church, they undid their disaster
And request for divorce could not possibly come faster

But the church it did tarry and her anger slipped past her
She proclaimed she could settle but required a tractor
So he acquiesced and they kept their rings
But soon their small love grew great beastly wings
And flapped a new gale to blow away all things
Now the end of days their failing love brings
And a darkest of lands to be ruled by evil kings
The harsh demise of all love is a pain that still stings
This is the song which the apocalypse sings...

"Hold me closer tiny dancer
Count thy headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of leather
Thee had a busy day today"

...Sang the bull to the moon, so he could convey
The true feelings he had for the moon on that day
In which the end of eternity had come into play
For the moon, the bull knew, was an exceptionally good lay
Deep down, he really did want her to stay
And create a new future, oh come what may
So in closing this poem, I will try to portray
Apart from my appetite for crème brûlée
How this half drunken poetry slam was much fun to play
I hope that you also have felt the same way
Of a text to text battle on which I must call parlay
Though my vocabulary has a wide array
I think I am finally out of rhymes, oy vey...

...But for you my dear reader, these silly things we will say