Thursday, July 28, 2011

"The Seagull and the Octopus"

A freehand pen drawing that I started on one day at Titmouse when they didn't have much for me to do that day. I've always had this image in my head of a bird perching on the head of an octopus, so henceforth the prior image. A seagull seemed only natural as the type of bird to utilize.

I do wonder about this bird's safety, I myself wouldn't be quite so calm in this scenario.
Unaltered pen drawing below:

Monday, July 25, 2011


Comic con 2011 was oh so much fun. I met lots of the usuals, and discovered many new usuals! Above is a 45 minute sketch I worked on at the Corel Painter booth. They posted everyone's work on their facebook page. It was cool to see people trying out the program, I'd never used it before myself. Might have to switch it up between Painter and Photoshop now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Well I found it first..."

Really trying to get down lighting to make environments and scenes feel more atmospheric. I have a feeling that these characters are from a story I'm working on, but we'll see won't we.... Thanks to Steve Brown for creating this assignment for the class, I'm just sorry it took so long to actually finish :P

Visual Development, Illustration, & Sculpture.

Alright, here goes a crazy catch-up of all the stuff I haven't posted in a long time. Above is a 3-point perspective painting I finished for one of my classes a little while back.

Just did these two digital paintings a couple days ago for a Tally Hall music video collaboration. The song titled "&," needed numerous images and interpretations of ampersands to be flashing by. Top one is a little Tim Burton inspired. (Going to go see the LACMA exhibit here in LA soon, very excited!). I'll be sure to add a link when I get to see the finished video. Tally Hall's Facebook page, "&" Song on Youtube.

"Barnacles, would you join me for a cup of tea?"

Bone fanart, done for celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bone in the comic-con 2011 souvenir book. Bone and all characters are copyright of Jeff Smith.

More sculptures:



 More character designs....

And a few more older illustrations...

Well I think that caught up almost everything. My posts won't usually be this long (I promise)


My Great Aunt Ruth Elizabeth Granaas, who was 100 years old, passed away recently. She was an amazing woman and had a mind that was just as sharp as yours or mine even until the very end of her life. It may seem strange to be so surprised at her passing, but if you knew her, her tenacity for life and love of her family made it seem like she was never going to be gone. I'm glad I had the opportunity to get to know her better these last couple years.

This was a sketch I had offhandedly done of her last Easter,
I didn't realize it was my last chance to ever draw her again.

Rest in Peace.


Some boards for the intro to my short film "Honu." Still working on it, so I'll probably be posting more work directly related to the piece and some more in depth character acting pieces. Below are some various assignments for a story-boarding class and even a test I did for "Fish Hooks" a while back.