Friday, July 31, 2009

UCSB Student film work

This post is a collection of various posters, character designs, and concept art that I did for film projects at UCSB. Above is one that was used for Reel Loud, a Silent film festival (special thanks to Emily Brown who helped me with some of the coloring). Below are some posters and concept art for a short film called In Deep, which has actually gone on to win a few awards at film festivals.

Designed to advertise a techno concert.

Hmmm, yes... character designs for an animated comedy about Adolf Hitler living in New York city. Top is Eva Braun and the bottom is...well, ummmm... Hitler. Kind of obvious. Here are a few more images from working on this that will probably discredit my good taste.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drawings I

"Colored Thoughts," an old self portrait of sorts that still seems up to par with some of my latest work. Thought it appropriate to start out with this image for some reason. I'm afraid that this first post will include quite a bit of material, so forgive the influx of work. Thanks to anyone who is visiting for the first time (which would be anyone right now). Here are a lot more of my drawings. Some of these involve fan art, so those characters are property of their respective owners.

An abstract life drawing of Erika. Actually did this straight ink to paper. No underlying pencil work or anything. Strange how sometimes a lack of preparation in one's image can lead to a confidence in style and form.

Reborn! fan art. Actually done with pencil, used PS to make it look like an ink drawing. It was really quite fun drawing both of those four barrel guns. Character copyright of Akira Amano.

Squirladile... 'nuff said.

The Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk from southern India that traveled all over the continent, often portrayed in traditional Asian artwork as a symbol of enlightenment. Even contemporary artists like Takashi Murakami have exhibited his image in their work. His typical barbarian beard and wide eyes are defining markers for his portraiture. He was said to have cut off his eyelids in order to force himself to stay awake. His sleep deprivation was supposedly what allowed him to reach true enlightenment. All in all, a good excuse to try out some calligraphy style ink work.

One of my favorites.

Yeah I'm a Moogle, so what, wanna fight about it?

Kappa are typical water demons in Japanese culture. Often depicted as a cross between monkeys and turtles, they can be shown as viscous, mischievous, or sometimes just cute.

Coupla' my friends, Alex and Sarah.

Let sleeping cats lie....easier to draw 'em that way

Aunt Monica.

Was stuck for roughly 7 hours in an Asian garden in the middle of Honolulu airport.
Yeah, you'd start drawing stuff too.

An... alien of sorts. I dunno, you be the judge.

Oh Pikachu, how silly you look trying to hold that ridiculously huge brush.
Character copyright of Nintendo.

Grandpa reading. I don't think he actually moved from this pose during the time it took me to finish it... and yes he has long feet.

Vash The Stampede from Trigun. Copyright Yasuhiro Nightow.

She always wanted a Piplup of her very own. Piplup is a Pokemon, copyright of Nintendo.

Not sure what the whole "Top Hat" motif was about, sure was fun though. I like the merger of hats for this one, makes it slightly more creative than the others.