Friday, October 9, 2009

New Project!

Working on a project that I am actually getting paid for, woot! These are a few examples of what it will be like, basically very children's book type drawings. The awesome thing is that this person actually likes my style, so I don't have to change it up too much. I might put up a little more from this in the future. I'm likely not going to have too much other stuff to put up, because of how much work this is gonna take.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sommore Stuffs

"Red Star" Mario from Super Mario Galaxy (Copyright Nintendo). The photo doesn't quite do justice to it, but oh well... Felt like posting a few more images to catch up with my more recent work. Been working on a lot of stuff. I actually have an illustration job right now that will probably consume my life for the next month, so you're gonna see some work for that up here some time in the near future. Until then, I hope this is cool enough.

A caricature of my pet as the Cheshire Cat.
He's sitting on top of the computer as I type this.

I think this was sketched last November..... I post it "Anonymously." Btw, David Lloyd's new book "Kickback" is pretty good, go check it out.

Kyle wasting his life away as I sneakily sketch him from behind. We are now no longer roommates, due to contractual obligations...
...and the fact that he smells.

...sorry Kyle.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sculptures I

Ok, time to post some sculptures. Above is Gandalf the Grey, based on the movie version, played by Sir Ian Mckellen. My most recently finished piece, but I've worked on and off on this one for quite some time now. I guess it's still timely approriate, considering that the Hobbit movies are in the works (thank God he's still playing the character). I would like to have more professional shots taken for this one, so of all my stuff this is the most likely to get reshot. Below are some more of my sculptural endeavors, and this is probably my bulkiest post yet. Pretty much everything is made from varying types of Sculpey with mixed media, I hope you'll enjoy.

Butter's infamous alter ego, Professor Chaos. An old gift for my Dad...and yes real tinfoil.
Copyright Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

America loves GIR. One of my first gifts to Erika. Again, I need some better photots taken for this one. GIR and Invader Zim characters are copyright of Johnen Vasquez.

Yoshi! Hope to have this one painted someday. Copyright Nintendo.

Alita from the manga "Battle Angel Alita" by Yukito Kishiro (Or Gally from "GUNNM," as it's called in Japanese). This one is actually quite special to me and was an anniversary gift for my girlfriend Erika. We and our friends have been long time fans of this series now (which is still going) and it wasn't uncommon for me to refer to Erika as my very own "Battle Angel" from time to time (please forgive the mush). I would do it differently now, but it still remains one of my better pieces and one that I put a rather large amount of love into making. Below are some other angle shots.

A coral reef made for my mom, she's always loved ocean life.
I think the crab is still my favorite part of this one.

Concept bust for the main character in a short film I want to make.
Sort of a clay sketch, if you will.

Dagget, from Angry Beavers. This one is sort of silly, but who doesn't love this character? I do have to say that their anatomy is somewhat difficult to pull off in 3D. They don't even look like real beavers, more like pointy weasel thingies...

Dragon with a pipe. A birthday gift for a friend of mine,
you can probably guess what kind of friend from the gift....

The fact that many of my models were made as gifts for friends is something that I have been noticing increasingly while posting these. Moogles are no different. I forget which Final Fantasy game I based this version on though. Moogles are copyright of Square-Enix.

Probably the only thing you'll ever see posted from my days of using Crayola Modeling Magic, an air dry foam clay (one step up from Play-doh in quality). This is a scene from an episode of Taz-Mania where Taz chases a Kiwi with a very rare, collectible bottle cap on his head. It may seem a little dated craftwise, but to this day my dad will tell you it's the best sculpture I've ever made. So for you Daddya, I put this one up. Taz (and Kiwi) are copyright of Warner Bros.

A fun little scene of Erika and I playing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It's already been pointed out to me, but just for plausibility's sake, pretend that this is some sort of wireless Gamecube and television set we're playing on
(At least the Wavebird controller makes sense regardless).

Friday, July 31, 2009

UCSB Student film work

This post is a collection of various posters, character designs, and concept art that I did for film projects at UCSB. Above is one that was used for Reel Loud, a Silent film festival (special thanks to Emily Brown who helped me with some of the coloring). Below are some posters and concept art for a short film called In Deep, which has actually gone on to win a few awards at film festivals.

Designed to advertise a techno concert.

Hmmm, yes... character designs for an animated comedy about Adolf Hitler living in New York city. Top is Eva Braun and the bottom is...well, ummmm... Hitler. Kind of obvious. Here are a few more images from working on this that will probably discredit my good taste.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drawings I

"Colored Thoughts," an old self portrait of sorts that still seems up to par with some of my latest work. Thought it appropriate to start out with this image for some reason. I'm afraid that this first post will include quite a bit of material, so forgive the influx of work. Thanks to anyone who is visiting for the first time (which would be anyone right now). Here are a lot more of my drawings. Some of these involve fan art, so those characters are property of their respective owners.

An abstract life drawing of Erika. Actually did this straight ink to paper. No underlying pencil work or anything. Strange how sometimes a lack of preparation in one's image can lead to a confidence in style and form.

Reborn! fan art. Actually done with pencil, used PS to make it look like an ink drawing. It was really quite fun drawing both of those four barrel guns. Character copyright of Akira Amano.

Squirladile... 'nuff said.

The Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk from southern India that traveled all over the continent, often portrayed in traditional Asian artwork as a symbol of enlightenment. Even contemporary artists like Takashi Murakami have exhibited his image in their work. His typical barbarian beard and wide eyes are defining markers for his portraiture. He was said to have cut off his eyelids in order to force himself to stay awake. His sleep deprivation was supposedly what allowed him to reach true enlightenment. All in all, a good excuse to try out some calligraphy style ink work.

One of my favorites.

Yeah I'm a Moogle, so what, wanna fight about it?

Kappa are typical water demons in Japanese culture. Often depicted as a cross between monkeys and turtles, they can be shown as viscous, mischievous, or sometimes just cute.

Coupla' my friends, Alex and Sarah.

Let sleeping cats lie....easier to draw 'em that way

Aunt Monica.

Was stuck for roughly 7 hours in an Asian garden in the middle of Honolulu airport.
Yeah, you'd start drawing stuff too.

An... alien of sorts. I dunno, you be the judge.

Oh Pikachu, how silly you look trying to hold that ridiculously huge brush.
Character copyright of Nintendo.

Grandpa reading. I don't think he actually moved from this pose during the time it took me to finish it... and yes he has long feet.

Vash The Stampede from Trigun. Copyright Yasuhiro Nightow.

She always wanted a Piplup of her very own. Piplup is a Pokemon, copyright of Nintendo.

Not sure what the whole "Top Hat" motif was about, sure was fun though. I like the merger of hats for this one, makes it slightly more creative than the others.